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July 14th, 2017 9:40 AM

We have all heard the term “Fake News” by now.........We now have “Fake Foreclosures”

According to a local TV station in the Grand Rapids Michigan area, Zillow is falsely posting homes were foreclosed on, when they were not.  Are these posting an honest mistake? Or are they a planned maneuver to overtake the Real Estate Industry.  Regardless of the answer, the owners of the property have been harmed and Zillow should be held accountable.  See the story here.

In Virginia, foreclosure and title transfers are public record. This information is available for everyone to see. However, just because information is available to the public, should it be advertised in a public forum?

This is a very interesting story and is just another eye opener to the industry Zillow is out of control and needs to be stopped.  VaCAP sent out an article on Monday, Zillow, The First “Agent Management Company” (AMC) for the Real Estate Agent and can be found on our website blog.

Others that are talking about Zillow: 

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If you have not visited the you should definitely take a look and sign the petition. The petition has gained 8,000 signatures since Monday! 

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